Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wake Up!

I heard a call, a shout to be exact. There're calling my name and waving to me. I heard they said, "Come back! The time has come! You must wake up now or it will be no coming back!" What are they talking about? Come back to where? The headache keep coming recently, and I think something is struggling inside my mind, something that has long buried; the memories, the past, the old time.

How long is it already? I seems to forget so many things bout my past. Being passive, out of curiosity,  and being hold by a strong oppression really had change me in many way. Feeling restless and exhausted had robed me for too long. Maybe its time to put an end to all these trouble. I shall find a way back, I must once again be able to walk the road of light!

Source: The Paper Wall

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