Friday, April 12, 2013

What is LOVE?

One fine day..

Amad: Dad, what is love?
Dad: Love? Hurm, love is.. wait, wait. are you in love?! who's the girl that make my boy a grown man now? Come on, tell me! tell me!
Amad: Dad please! I'm just curious okay. Nothing more, nothing less.
Dad: Haha, okay, that is normal. After all, only people who just suddenly fall in love would understand that curious you have.
Amad: Can you  just answer the question Dad?
Dad: Come on, I'm just starting to have some fun now. Oh, now I see someone face turn red! (laughing)
Amad: Can you stop teasing me Dad? That's not funny okay.
Dad: Haha, finally my son is in love! So I guess "Girl is trouble" have caught you right on your face!
Amad: Good try Dad, good try. Ahaha..

Dad: Well, love is everything and anything. It's up to you, truly define by the way you see it.
Amad: Really? Then how you define it Dad?
Dad: It is a life, a blessing, and a cure for restless mind and soul.
Amad: That's all?
Dad: For the positive part, yes. Sometimes love can be something you would regret, turning you to a slave, insecure feeling, restless, and it can change you to be someone you never wish to be.
Amad: Someone I never wish to be? What do you mean?
Dad: Hurm, I guess people this Ages call it as Emo? Desperate, lose of confident, no will of living, detach themselves from the good of living, or they often be like a living flash; have no soul, and have no will.
Amad: It is that bad?
Dad: Yup, and that happen when you have a mental problem! Ahaha..
Amad: Dad! please. Can you see that I'm serious here?
Dad: Hahaha.. Listen son, life is about love and hate. You will never understand love if you don't know hate. Got it?
Amad: ?
Dad: Learn to forget; learn to forgive, soon you will see how big and beautiful love would be.
Amad: Can you make it sound more simple? You kind of make me confuse.
Dad: Good, that what I want. Ahaha..
Amad: Dad!

So, what is LOVE?

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